About Troop 54

Troop 54 is one of the older Boy Scout Troops in the area, with a long history of excellence and service for more than 65 years. The Troop meets 7:00 to 8:30 PM, Thursday evenings, usually at our Boy Scout Hall, 317 Lake Blvd, Lindenwold NJ. Meeting activities planned by the Scouts themselves include learning and practicing Scouting skills, planning trips and special activities, working on merit badges or other projects of interest to the Scouts, games, and fun. The Troop is divided into a number of patrols of 4 to 8 boys. If enough Webelos Scouts join the Troop at one time, they will form a New Scout patrol, with an experienced older Scout as Troop Guide, to work on basic Scouting skills and advancement. Otherwise, the Patrol Leaders work with the New Scouts to teach them the skills they will need.


Posted on Mar 5 2017 - 4:03pm

Welcome to the Troop 54 website. Announcements, upcoming events, and news will be posted here and updated periodically. Contact the Troop Webmaster at Troop Meetings or email troop_webmaster@lindenwold54.mytroop.us to request additions or changes to the website.

2017 National Jamboree July 19-28

Posted on Mar 5 2017 - 4:03pm

Countdown to 2017 Jamboree this summer:  Four years from the prior Jamboree is like a lifetime in terms of technology and social media capabilities. BSA is responding to these increased demands with JamboLINK - the location for all news leading up to and through the 2017 National Scout Jamboree. Emails, Social Media, Videos, and much more will be provided through this host for exclusive Jamboree content.  A deposit of $650 will be required to lock in your spot with the Garden State Council contingent.  For more details, please visit http://www.gardenstatescouting.org/Jamboree. Click here to see previous issues of the Countdown to Jamboree.

The Outdoor Code

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As an American, I will do my best to - 
Be clean in my outdoor manners, 
Be careful with fire, 
Be considerate in the outdoors, and 
Be conservation-minded.


Scout Slogan, Motto, Oath

Posted on Mar 5 2017 - 4:02pm
"Be Prepared." 
Slogan: "Do a good turn daily." Oath: On my honor, I will do my best , To do my duty to God and my Country and To obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, Mentally awake, and morally straight

5th NJ State Police National Guard Camporee scheduled for May 19 - 21, 2017

Posted on Mar 5 2017 - 4:01pm

Sign up book will be out at next Troop Meeting for the 5th NJ State Police National Guard Camporee scheduled for May 19 through 21, 2017. The Troop is pre-registered for 16 scouts and 4 adults, sign up early to secure your spot!! To complete registration online I will need the below: Rank, Date of Birth, Shirt Size, Special Needs (Allergies and/or Dietary Restrictions). Cost is below: $18.00 by March 23, 2017, $23.00 by April 20, 2017, $28.00 after April 20, 2017. Additional details will follow as they become available. If you would like to check for updates periodically the website is:  https://www.jerseyshorescouts.org/njspngcamporee Yours in Scouting, Debbie Steinhaus, Troop 54 Treasurer, dsteinhaus@comcast.net

Troop 54 Eagle Scouts

Posted on Feb 20 2017 - 12:02am

George R. Askew Jr., 03/19/1970
Robert L. Cartwright, 04/27/1973
Donald L. Davis, 11/21/1973
Richard A. Mandis, 11/23/1973
Michael S. Healy, 10/03/1975
Raymond H. Pape, 10/03/1975
John F. Steinberger, 06/27/1980
Robert J. Taylor Jr., 12/05/1980
Edmond S. Millere III, 10/07/1983
William R. Heller, 09/28/1984
Scott Poulton, 03/16/1990
Albert Hallworth, 01/21/1994
Justin Nolan, 11/27/1995
Wayne E. Smith Jr., 08/17/1999
Michael J. Mitten, 07/20/2000
Andrew J. Listman Jr., 03/26/2001
Joseph R. Michalowski, 11/12/2001
Christian S. Edwards, 06/25/2003
John Bauman III, 04/19/2004
Justin A. James, 12/29/2004
James W. Burnett, 06/02/2005
Cory Howell, 01/04/2006
William Plew, 01/04/2006
George William Hewitt, 05/11/2006
Nicholas W. Edwards, 10/25/2006
Mark Hayes, 12/13/2006
Robert V. Burton, 02/07/2007
Joseph M. Komito, 08/22/2007
Christopher R. Johnson, 01/23/2008
Tyler D. Ernst, 10/22/2008
Dennis K. Burnett, 11/26/2008
Andrew Komito, 09/23/2009
Paul David Esposito Jr., 09/23/2009
Sean R. Talyor, 02/24/2010
Brandon Galezniak, 03/24/2010
Nicholas T. Johnson, 01/16/2011
Blake R. Burnett, 03/28/2012
James E. Keen III, 03/28/2012
Aaron Federman, 11/2012
Darren Jankowski, 05/22/2013
Andrew Suppa, 09/2013
Thomas Scott III, 05/2015
Brandon Ward, 07/2015
Matthew Horner,12/2015
Michael Armstrong, 5/2016
Anthony Dimarco, 5/2016
Kevin J. A. Johnson, 6/2016

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